Collaboration Administration

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About Collaborations

What Is A Collaboration?

A collaboration is a space, accessed through a drive letter on your system, where you can simply drop files to share them with other users, and where you can easily and securely access files shared by other users.

What Are The Parts Of A Collaboration?

A collaboration is made up of the following parts:

Members: The users who have been invited to be part of the collaboration.

Global Folders: Global folders allow you to organize your files into groups. Global folders can have access restrictions applied by associating them with a security zone.

Security Zones: A security zone encapsulates a group of users and a password. Global folders associated with a security zone are only accessible my users who are a member of the zone, and who have been given the password.

Volume: All the global folders and the files that are part of the collaboration are accessible through the collaboration volume. The volume is accessed on your machine through a drive letter (e.g. E:).