MagnaStor Gives Other Devices The Characteristics Of Optical Media

Optical and mageto-optical media have taken a back-seat to more mainstream storage technology, such as hard drives, SSDs, and USB drives, in recent years.  This is due to the initial cost of hardware, lower performance, and low capacity associated with optical media.

With MagnaStor, you still have the data preservation characteristics of optical media, while retaining the low cost, high capacity, and performance associated with hard drives, SSDs, and USB drives.

What is MagnaStor?
MagnaStor is a real filesystem that makes a standard storage device behave like optical media. That means that once you put data on MagnaStor, it can’t be altered or deleted; in addition, MagnaStor provides additional capabilities not present in most optical archiving solutions, such as the ability to automatically replicate or copy your data to another location for disaster recovery, and the ability to automatically repair corruption.

Easy To Use
MagnaStor is a software solution that works with any Windows computer, so MagnaStor seamlessly fits into existing environments and does not require any special hardware. With MagnaStor, you receive the benefits of write-once media without the hassle of added hardware, software, and media.

Cost Effective

At $1/GB, MagnaStor’s capacity is extremely cost effective. There are no recurring costs for storage with MagnaStor, once you purchase capacity it’s yours for life.


Try MagnaStor Today!

You can download MagnaStor right now. There is no charge for the first 5GB of capacity, so you can start archiving your data right away.


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