Film production, audio recording and multi-media production companies compile massive files into minutes of work that represent significant investments of time and money — not to mention creativity. A film director may require take after take of one scene and wish to preserve each take for later viewing. A music producer may record hours of session data from an artist or musician to choose the best take from a day-long recording session. Advertising agencies transferring client analog video footage to digital content need a safe and secure way to store their portfolio of work and original source files.

Do you have priceless data stored on your computer? Are you one hundred percent certain that your data is safe from corruption or deletion?

Digital Archiving and Data Protection

MagnaStor is a world-class digital archiving system that secures and protects your data for long-term use or storage. MagnaStor constantly monitors your volumes for corruption and automatically self-heals a volume if a problem is detected. Once a file is saved to the MagnaStor drive, it cannot be deleted by any user or overwritten with a new version.

Protect Your Multi-Media Production Data 

Multi-media production data requires more than adequate storage capacity — it requires exceptional safeguarding. Protect your data with MagnaStor today and don’t risk accidental overwrite or file corruption.