Nowhere is data protection more vital than in government agencies. All levels of government store data that runs the gamut — vital statistics, driving records, criminal backgrounds, social security information, taxpayer information, census data, foreign visa information and more.

Governmental data loss could affect millions of people who rely on an agency’s services. The public must trust that their personal information has not been changed or edited by factors such as bit rot or malicious hacking.

High Level Data Security

Agencies need an archival system that doesn’t require extensive training of staff members or extra data-security personnel to maintain. MagnaStor’s simple-to-manage system constantly checks the contents it is protecting and can detect if a file has been corrupted or changed. Permissions are built into the file system instead of a software layer so agencies can trust their data is secure. MagnaStor even allows for off-site and cloud replication so data is safe from natural disasters.

Securing Government Data

Secure data protection is one of the most important things government agencies should plan for but is all too often last on the list.

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