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The Filesystem That Actively Protects Your Resources

Active Archiving

  • Standard filesystems do not provide enough protection for
    infrequently accessed information.
  • All digital media has a limited life. Eventually, the content on
    digital media becomes unreadable.
  • Duplicated files are just as susceptible to the limitations of
    digital media as their originals.
  • MagnaStor mitigates digital media reliability problems.
  • MagnaStor is a key component in your archiving strategy because
    it actively monitors its content.


  • Extremely simple to set up and use.
  • MagnaStor resides right on your digital media.
  • Works with hard drives, USB sticks, external storage devices,
    and even virtual hard drives.
  • Simply copy content to a MagnaStor-formatted device and
    MagnaStor takes over.
  • Works silently in the background, does not interfere with your
  • MagnaStor is designed to be forgotten.


  • External auditors can lock entire volumes or specific files,
    making them read-only.
  • Compliance roles can be defined on each MagnaStor volume.
  • Supports per-role policies which prevent accidental or malicious
  • MagnaStor volume contents are digitally signed and can be proven
    to be unmodified.


  • Powerful archiving and compliance features, but also serves as a
    highly reliable backup solution.
  • On-site system with off-site options.
  • MagnaStor volumes can automatically replicate their
  • MagnaStor supports replication to other on-site volumes,
    off-site volumes, and third party cloud services (in a securely
    encrypted format).

Why MagnaStor?

MagnaStor is a solution to the problem of data loss due to tampering and the digital media phenomenon known as “data erosion” or “bit-rot”. Valuable digital data that is infrequently accessed is at risk of loss if it is not constantly monitored. MagnaStor is active, automating the process of integrity confirmation. It is superior to other archival storage solutions because:

It Is Much More Than File Storage

  • MagnaStor ensures the integrity of your files with constant
    background checking.
  • MagnaStor automatically detects and repairs errors.
  • You can set up off-site replication to guard against physical
    damage or theft.
  • The MagnaStor filesystem can behave like a standard filesystem
    or like write-once optical media, and includes support for file
    retention and destruction periods.

It Is Simple

  • No special skill or knowledge is required.
  • Fast, easy installation and setup.
  • Format your device with MagnaStor and use it like any other

It Is Compliant

  • Maintains and checksums entire volume history.
  • External agencies can lock and audit.
  • Satisfies regulatory storage requirements.

Who Needs MagnaStor?

  • Companies with valuable historical data.
  • Companies with compliance needs.
  • Anyone with precious media or documents they wish to preserve.

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