As part of the development process for MagnaStor, we have a computer (our build server) that creates code symbols. Every week, new code symbol files are added to the build server. Each of our team members needs to access the build server so he or she can validate changes that are introduced to the product, but our team members work from multiple locations around the world and aren’t always on the same network as the build computer.

To give our team members secure access to the symbol files, we tried a lot of methods of remote access, including RSYNC. However, each solution we tried was either too complex, difficult to use or didn’t meet our needs.

About two months ago, we decided to use MagnaStor to resolve these issues and allow us to securely replicate these symbol files to each of our team members. We installed the professional version of MagnaStor on our build server, created a MagnaStor volume and then exported the MagnaStor volume to each of our team members’ computers.

Each week we add data to our MagnaStor volume. Soon after we add this data to our build server, every team member has a copy of the data without any effort on his or her part.

While we used the Professional Edition of MagnaStor to directly replicate between computers, the exact same workflow can be done with the standard edition of MagnaStor and Amazon Cloud (S3) Replication.

With MagnaStor you can easily setup a secure way of copying or sharing files to your whole team for just the cost of Amazon’s Cloud data rate. Contact MagnaStor today to learn more about how MagnaStor can help you copy and share files.