MagnaStor Makes Cloud Archiving Easy

MagnaStor is a real filesystem that makes standard storage devices like hard drives, SSDs, and USB drives behave like write-once media. That means that once you put data on MagnaStor, it can’t be altered, deleted, or lost to corruption.

Automatic Cloud Replication
Using our simple administration client, you can set up replication to a cloud service so that changes made locally are automatically mirrored to the cloud in near-real-time. Your data is encrypted with a keyphrase you create so that only you can access your cloud data.

Restore From The Cloud In A Few Easy Steps
In the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster, your cloud archive can be restored to a live, working volume in just a few easy steps.

Cloud Platform Support
Currently MagnaStor supports replicating to Amazon S3, with Glacier support coming on-line in Q4 2012.


How Does It Work?


Try MagnaStor Today!

You can download MagnaStor right now. There is no charge for the first 5GB of capacity, so you can start archiving your data right away.


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