Data is a law firm’s most valuable asset. Data for law firms can include interrogatories, recorded depositions, witness testimony, family law agreements and highly confidential personal information regarding patent applications, stocks, securities and more. Trial lawyers, real estate attorneys, family law firms and corporate law firms all need — and are required by law — to keep information safe and secure. Any data loss, small or large, can leave the law firm itself vulnerable to lawsuit.

Long-Term Digital Storage Solution 

Law firms regularly archive data for use at a later date. When data is not accessed for long periods of time, it is at risk of loss due to human error or natural media degradation, and these losses are invisible until the data is required. MagnaStor’s digital archiving file system preserves this irreplaceable information, allowing law firms and clients alike to rest assured that their data is secure from harm, safe from prying eyes and accessible when needed.

Protect Valuable Data

Legal data is invaluable data. Choose digital storage that you can count on without fail. MagnaStor is more than a “backup.” MagnaStor’s monitoring system automatically detects and heals damaged files, preserving the integrity of your data. Volumes in a MagnaStor drive cannot be overwritten or deleted — they are stored safely and securely on your device. Contact MagnaStor today to protect your valuable data from harm.